How your local SPCA vet clinic can help your aging pet

Did you know that veterinarians suggest twice-yearly check-ups for older pets? While it is important to get pets a yearly regular exam, it is especially important to see your vet regularly if your pet is getting older. As pets age, they may develop health issues that can only be found through regular care and examinations.

But it’s not all bad news! Just because your beloved pet is becoming a senior citizen, doesn’t mean that they can’t still live a happy, healthy life. By scheduling regular check-ups at your local SPCA vet clinic, you have access to the best vet services available. Below are some reasons to choose an SPCA vet for all your veterinary services.

Walk In Appointment

Maybe you already have a local vet, or are thinking about switching. Whatever the case, your local SPCA vet clinic has everything you need. Simply schedule a walk in appointment to meet with your local veterinarian who can offer a regular exam to get to know both you and your pet. With comprehensive services that include everything from exams to vaccinations, your local vet clinic can provide the quality care your aging pet needs.

Affordable Care

You may not know that your SPCA vet clinic offers both quality and affordable care for your best furry friend. As pets get older, their care may become more expensive as they require more check-ups, and may even need to go on medication. Add diagnostics and testing and it adds up fast. However, quality care does not need to break the bank. Simply visit today to find out more about your local vet clinic and their cost-effective, pet-friendly care.

Sick Exam

Even the healthiest of pets may fall ill sometimes, and sadly as your pet gets older, they may find themselves in need of urgent care. If your pet is showing signs of illness or changes in behavior, then it may be time to schedule a walk in appointment with your local veterinary hospital. It’s best to get your pet the care they need at the first sign of a problem, so your SPCA local veterinarian can diagnose any issues both quickly and compassionately.

As pets get older, they will require more frequent visits to the vet to be sure they are as happy and as healthy as can be. To get the best care available for your beloved companion, be sure to contact your local SPCA vet clinic to schedule a walk in appointment today. If you live in the PA/DE area, search for more details on their comprehensive vet services.

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