Reporting cruelty

Most cruelty cases come to light when someone reports something that doesn't seem right. Get involved.

They're depending on you.

Reach out to report anything suspicious or any animal in need. Reports can be made anonymously.

Pennsylvania APS

Chester and Delaware Counties only:


Delaware Animal Services

New Castle, Kent & Sussex Counties:


City of Newark – within city limits (Newark Police)


City of Dover – within city limits (Dover Police)


The fight against cruelty depends on all of us working together.

It starts with you

Most cruelty cases are identified by a friend, family member, or neighbor.

Experience counts

Animal control and humane law enforcement officers receive specialized training in fighting cruelty.

Cruelty in Pennsylvania

Our Animal Protective Services officers fight cruelty in our service areas of Chester and Delaware Counties.

Cruelty in Delaware

The state of Delaware provides animal control through the Office of Animal Welfare. We provide animal services under contact with OAW.

Here are some tips for recognizing cruelty:

  • All animals require shelter from the rain, snow, wind, and sun. Shelter is any non-metal structure that will keep the animal warm and dry.

  • All animals require necessary veterinary care. Necessary vet care is that which is required to treat illness or injury.

  • All animals require clean and sanitary living conditions. Living space should be free of debris, and waste should be removed routinely.

  • All animals require necessary drink and sustenance. Water and food must be provided in amounts sufficient to maintain weight and hydration.

  • No animal can be abandoned. Abandoned animals are those whose caretaker has forsaken their duty of care.

  • No animal can be beaten or neglected.

Join the fight against cruelty

Supporting the work to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome cruelty victims is one of the most vital ways you can help those who can't help themselves. Together, we will bring them the hope and love they deserve.

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