Our impact

We bring hope to both pets and their people.

Finding the heart in humanity

We care for 17,000+ animals annual with a 93% save rate. That's 43 animals per day coming through our doors seeking safety, love, and hope. But we don't stop there. We're also there for people who love their pets, as well as communities with fewer resources than we're fortunate to have.

For the pets

We provide safety, love, and hope to lost pets, abandoned dogs and cats, cruelty victims, pets in need of rehoming, and animals at risk in other shelters.

For their people

Our low-cost veterinary clinics, pet food pantries, medical grants, and free behavior counseling help families care for their cherished dogs and cats.

A 2nd chance at 9 lives

Whiskers got his leg caught in a fox trap after getting loose from his home. He lost a lot of skin, suffered nerve damage, and had a quickly spreading infection. His family couldn’t afford the entirety of his care and were considering euthanasia since the infection would soon be life-threatening. Thanks to our Pet Retention Grant from Petco Love, we were able to bridge what his owners couldn’t afford and saved Whiskers by amputating the badly damaged leg. Whiskers now lives a life of three-legged luxury.

Surpassing our goals

In 2023, we cared for 17,082 animals. That equates to 43 animals per day coming through our doors. Nearly half were lost/stray pets. We also helped at-risk pets from 20 other states. We placed 15,655 animals, achieving a 93% live release rate while serving as one of the only remaining open-access shelters.

Impacting lifesaving across the country

We were the first no-kill open admission shelter in Pennsylvania and then Delaware. We led the state of Delaware to be recognized as the first no-kill state in the nation. What we've implemented here now benefits communities across the United States. We're one of the first phone calls when a natural disaster threatens or a large cruelty case breaks. And we're mentoring shelters in struggling areas to help them transform to no-kill levels of lifesaving.

Give back to your community

Open the door to endless possibilities. Together, we will create positive change within our community, help control the homeless animal population, and improve the lives of pets and their families. 

Join #TeamBVSPCA

Love animals and want to join us in making an impact? We're the largest and fastest growing animal welfare organization in the region. We offer exciting opportunities, competitive pay and benefits, and the reward you'll feel knowing you've made a difference.

Our impact news & events

Making an Impact: 17,082 Animals Cared for in 2023

Making an Impact: 17,082 Animals Cared for in 2023!
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URGENT: 76 Lives Saved from Filth Need YOU

76 precious lives saved: 66 small dogs and puppies, 9 cats, and 1 bird were rescued from unfathomable living conditions and are now counting on us.
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Together we saved 16,118 lives

The results are in! Thanks to your support we were able to provide safety, love and hope to nearly 18,000 pets in need in 2022.
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