Domestic violence survivors

Ensure your pet has housing and care while you or a loved one are transitioning to safety.

Pets & domestic violence

If you or someone you know is a domestic violence survivor, pets no longer have to be a factor when making the choice to leave an abusive situation for residents of Delaware. We've teamed up with CHILD, Inc. and People’s Place, two Delaware domestic violence shelters, to provide victims of abuse free housing and care for their pets, as they transition to safety. Please contact the shelters directly on their hotline numbers regarding services.

CHILD, Inc. Bilingual (Spanish/English)


People’s Place (English)


People’s Place (Spanish)


Stopping the spread of cruelty

Domestic violence and cruelty to animals are, unfortunately, tightly linked. People prone to hurting other people all too often hurt animals. Reporting animal cruelty save families from suffering, along with their pets.

Domestic violence survivors news & resources

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Housing for domestic violence victims’ pets

Brandywine Valley SPCA, Child, inc., People’s Place, Redrover to provide housing for pets of victims of domestic violence
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