Spay & neuter

Reduce the number of unwanted and homeless animals and prevent euthanasia.

Spaying/neutering your pet avoids unwanted litters, helps prevent unwanted behaviors, and reduces risks for common health issues.

Improved health

Spaying/neutering helps prevent common issues like mammary masses and uterine infections that are typically fatal for females, and avoids the likelihood of pancreatic cancers in males.

No unwanted litters

Preventing pregnancies lessens the tragedy of a growing population of unwanted pets and the burden an unwanted litter places on you.

Fewer undesirable behaviors

Having your pet spayed/neutered helps curb undesirable behaviors like spraying, scratching, fighting, mounting, and roaming.

High-quality surgery at low cost

Don’t let a tight budget stop you from doing the right thing for your pet. We make this safe, effective procedure easy on you and your pet.

Spay & neuter services

Prices are subject to change without notification. Additional charges may apply. Payment is by credit card only (no cash or checks). For community cats, contact our Animal Health Center for the latest pricing, which varies based on available grant funding. Package includes spay/neuter, ear tip, rabies vaccine, FVRCP. (FELV/FIV +$20)

Dog spay/neuter

Under 40 lbs.

$160 Male
$180 Female

40-60 lbs.

$180 Male
$200 Female

60-80 lbs.

$200 Male
$220 Female

80-100 lbs.

$250 Male
$270 Female

100+ lbs.

$270 Male
$320 Female

Dental during spay/neuter surgery

Extraction pricing varies per tooth

Cat spay/neuter


$70 Male
$80 Female
Pain medications and e-collars for female cats can be purchased at an additional charge of $25.

Dental during spay/neuter surgery

Extraction pricing varies per tooth

Additional fees

In heat





$100 - $250

Umbilical hernia repair


Looking for other veterinary services?

Our accomplished veterinarians and medical staff operate in a professional, caring manner and will handle your pet compassionately.

Have questions or need help?

Give us a call or stop by one of our veterinary clinics for more help.

We spay/neuter more than 28,000 pets a year

We have a low-cost clinic in every county in Delaware and one in Chester County to serve that county and surrounding communities. That enables us to provide surgery services for not just shelter animals but also family pets and homeless pets with other shelters and rescues.

Even with spay and neuter, homeless animals need you

Even with our best efforts, unwanted animals are born every day. Please consider volunteering. The gift of your time, energy, and passion can make an immeasurable difference.

Spay & neuter resources

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