Spaying your pets for everyone's benefit

Taking proper care of your pet should be one of the top priorities in your life. Once you’ve been given the privilege of looking after another sentient being, you are obligated to give it all the love and care it needs—and then some. Unfortunately, some pet owners don’t take the responsibility as seriously as they should. It is not uncommon to see animals rejected, neglected, and disrespected. What many people don’t realize, however, is that responsible pet owners can do something to help ensure that fewer domestic animals suffer abuse—even those outside their own households. One of the best steps to take in order to safeguard animal populations in your area is to spay your pet.

What Is Spaying?

Spaying is when you have the ovaries of a female pet removed. The objective is to make sure she can’t give birth. The procedure is inexpensive and relatively simple for any veterinarian to perform. To make it even more convenient, it’s the kind of operation that an animal can recover from—fully. This means you won’t have to be nursing your precious pet for years to come. She will have it done and then forget about and continue with her happy life.

Even though animals are made to breed and reproduce, they can live in complete happiness without being able to produce pups or kittens. So there is no need to worry about doing any lasting psychological damage to your pet.

How Does Spaying Benefit My Community?

How animals are seen in the neighborhood is an important factor that contributes to how they are treated. Animals are special, unique, and powerfully individual. They are gems of the community. However, when there are excess cats and dogs running around the neighborhood, they can begin to feel like a pest to those who don’t understand them. Some people already have an unjustly low opinion of the life of an animal, and when these kinds of folks see random pets cluttering of the roadways and walkways, they won’t think twice about doing something that may hurt them. They can also get overridden by fleas, which can lay 2000 eggs in their lifetime. Spaying your pets keeps the population of cats and dogs under control, which helps maintain these precious creatures in the esteem of those in the community.

How Does Spaying Benefit Pets in General?

When a cat or a dog is born, it deserves the very best in care and attention. They are loyal creatures whose commitment often lasts longer than their human counterparts. If you spay your pet, you are helping ensure it won’t give birth to puppies or kittens that don’t get a proper home. A quick trip to a veterinary hospital may be all that’s needed to make sure you’re not responsible for a generation of young animals that get neglected or even abused.

Animal care shelters do their best, but they are often inundated with a steady stream of animals that they simply don’t have the means to properly take care of. When you spay your pet, you are also helping ease the burden of those who run animal shelters. Their job is not an easy one, but it’s necessary, and it’s a kind gesture to try to make their life a little easier. Vet services always include spaying, so it should not be hard to locate a place to have it done.

Can Animals Besides Cats and Dogs Be Spayed?

Yes. Most female animals with ovaries can be spayed. To be sure as to whether or not your pet can be spayed, you can check out any SPCA vet. They will be eager to inform you of the spaying possibilities as well as where it can be done, professionally and humanely. There are several types of pets whose breeding can get out of control. This would lead to the same consequences as described above, or even worse.

Regardless of how many pets you have or how many you want, you will want to make sure you acquire them on your own terms. Unless you are positive you want your pet to have young ones, you should have a vet spay it. It is the humane, thoughtful, and considerate thing to do.

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