Together we saved 16,118 lives

The results are in! Thanks to your support we were able to provide safety, love and hope to nearly 18,000 pets in need in 2022. That’s 48 animals per day. They’re lost pets hoping to find their way home, pets in need of rehoming, cats and dogs at risk in overcrowded shelters, and victims of cruelty and neglect.

This makes us the largest animal welfare organization in the region. But the most important part of our results is the impact on every life touched. In 2022, we placed 16,118 animals, achieving a 95% save rate while serving as one of the only remaining open access shelters.

Matching foster families with adult dogs and cats increased 37%.

44% of our intakes were lost, stray and abandoned pets with nowhere to go without us. In Delaware, where we’re the only open access shelter, 54% of our intakes were lost or stray. And seizures from cruelty and neglect increased 37%.

While local work is our top priority, we were able to save 4,846 pets at risk in other shelters. We also reached our mentoring goal of helping our strategic partner Tangipahoa Parish Animal Services in Louisiana go from a 22% to 90% save rate.

Our amazing volunteers clocked 81,894 hours.

Our work to stem the tide of unwanted pets through spay/neuter grew 6% last year last year. To help more families care for their pets, our Animal Health Center teams delivered 15,728 pet exams. On top of that, we vaccinated 3,097 family pets for free at our drive-through vaccine clinics.

Our new Paws for Change program trained 69 pet therapy teams.

The impact in 2022 and all that’s ahead in 2023 happens thanks to you — our generous donors and sponsors, our kind community, our tireless staff and volunteers. You share every success and every life we save. Thank you!

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