Making an Impact: 17,082 Animals Cared for in 2023

Our Impact

The results are in! Thanks to your support we were able to provide safety, love, care, and hope to more than 17,000 animals in need in 2023 – that’s more than 47 animals per day. These lost pets hoping to find their way home, animals in need of new homes, cats and dogs at risk in overcrowded shelters near and far, and victims of cruelty and neglect were all looking to us for a brighter future.

As the largest animal welfare organization in the region, the most important part of our results is the impact on every life touched. In 2023, we placed 15,656 animals, maintaining a 93% save rate, while continuing to serve as one of the only remaining open-access shelters in our region of Pennsylvania, and the only one serving the entire state of Delaware.

Expanding Our Services

We also expanded our work to keep pets in their loving homes and out of shelter by offering free or discounted services. We increased our spay/neuter surgeries by 20% in 2023, providing more than 28,000 sterilizations. To help more families care for their pets, we provided even more free pet food and delivered 19,764 pet exams through our low-cost animal health centers, and vaccinated 3,905 family pets for free.

Humane Education & Youth Program

2023 was a year of growth in many areas, including in our humane ed & youth programs. We hosted 620 young Critter Campers throughout our week-long summer day camp, and have expanded our junior volunteer program to include over 200 young ambassadors. Nurturing the next generation of animal advocates and providing a unique opportunity of volunteerism for children ages 7-12.

It's because of your support we can continue to do this work and expand our reach with vital services and lifesaving each year. Our impact in 2023 and exciting expansion ahead in 2024 happens thanks to you - our selfless community, generous donors and sponsors, and our dedicated and talented staff and volunteers. We all share in each number, each life saved, each family reunited or kept together, and every success. Thank you!

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