What your SPCA vet clinic can offer your new pet

If you’ve just adopted a new furry friend, then you may be wondering how to find the best veterinary clinic available. While every pet should have regular check-ups that include teeth cleaning, shots, and examinations, it is especially important that new adoptees be checked out to make sure they are in the best of kitty and puppy health. Below are some vet services to consider when choosing a local vet clinic.

Kitten Exam/Puppy Exam

Nothing is better than introducing a new pet into your family—unless that pet is a puppy or kitten! We all know these little guys are the cutest additions, however they do require special care so you can be sure they grow happy and healthy. Your local SPCA vet clinic is an ideal place to take your new companion for a puppy or kitten exam, as they offer all the vet services you need to get your pet on the right track, including shots and teeth cleaning. Often, you will be able to find bundle packages that are both convenient and affordable. The best part is, you will be supporting a local vet clinic. Tip: by the age of three, most cats and dogs will show signs of periodontal disease. So be sure you keep those teeth healthy with regular brushings!

Spay and Neuter

It is important to have your pet either spayed or neutered in order to help control the pet population. This is an important step that usually occurs at an early age, if possible. To find out about spay and neuter cost, simply visit your local SPCA vet clinic, and your local veterinarian will be happy to help. If you are in the DE/PA area, visit to find veterinary services near you. Tip: Get your pet spayed or neutered at an SPCA vet, where the proceeds go toward promoting their local programs and services.

Walk-In Appointment

Your local SPCA vet clinic is not just for vaccinations, spaying/neutering, or new pet exams. They are also your year round destination for the best veterinary care. Is your pet ready for their yearly check-up? Simply schedule a regular exam with a walk-in appointment to get your furry friend the vet services he or she needs. Your local SPCA offers everything from preventative care and check-ups to sick exams and emergency care. Tip: Your local SPCA vet clinic is a full-service animal hospital, not just a great place to adopt pets.

Adopting a pet is a rewarding experience that benefits both you and your new friend. However, to ensure your pet lives their best and healthiest life, be sure to visit your local veterinarian. A puppy or kitten exam is the first step toward giving your pet a healthy start, so visit today to learn more about their comprehensive veterinary services.

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