Signs your pooch needs a sick exam

Just like you show signs of illness when you don’t feel well, so does your canine companion when they are sick as well. A vet hospital will be able to meet all the needs your pooch has when they don’t feel well; all you have to do as a pet owner is recognize what your dog cannot tell you but may be showing you instead.

Here are signs your dog needs a sick exam. When you visit the local vet, they can give your dog an exam and help you determine what the best course of action is for what is wrong with your pet.

Your Dog is Not Eating or Drinking

If your dog is neglecting food and water, you need to take your pooch in for a walk in appointment at the vet. There are several things that can be bothering your pooch, from liver and kidney issues to parasites to age-related weight loss. Your dog may even be suffering from sore gums or painful teeth.

Get your dog to the vet right away if you have problems with your dog’s eating and drinking habits, particularly if your dog is also foaming at the mouth or has runny stools. Your dog’s behavior in this manner means they need serious veterinary care, which you can provide for them via proper pet care.

Your Dog is Showing Discomfort

Is your dog cringing when you pet them? Do they cry out in pain when you scratch their neck? Does your dog walk with a limp or have trouble getting up in the morning? If so, then you need to take them to the vet for a sick exam.

Your dog may have issues with their joints or may have oral health issues if they are in constant pain. Your vet will give them a thorough sick exam and help them live the happy, healthy life they deserve. Over 75% of the dogs that receive the care they need for arthritis and other painful conditions can be given relief and lead comfortable lives.

Your Dog is Acting Agitated

If your dog’s demeanor has changed lately and your pooch is acting agitated or even irritable whenever you approach them, then they might be suffering from some type of illness or injury. Even some severe injuries can be hard to detect to the average human companion for a dog, so you need to take your dog to a vet to get a sick exam, just in case.

If your dog has been involved in a serious accident or may have gotten into something toxic, then take them to the veterinary hospital right away. The sooner you take your dog in for care, the better you can care for your pooch and give them the attention they need. Regular veterinary care will help ensure that your canine companion leads a long and healthy life.

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