Giving Tuesday 2023: Be the Bridge to a Brighter Future

The Brandywine Valley SPCA remains committed to being the bridge to a brighter future for pets in need. This Giving Tuesday we are asking for your support to help us continue fighting for the most vulnerable animals in our communities. Our goal is to ensure every dog, cat, puppy, and kitten who comes through our doors can emotionally and physically recover from their previous life as we prepare them for their new life. One truly worthy of their love.


Wile.E was rescued just in time, but his road to recovery is a long one, and he still needs your help. This poor pup was nearly unrecognizable as a dog when he came into our care. He was dehydrated, emaciated, and limping. His body and ears were crusted and covered in lesions. He was suffering from highly contagious sarcoptic mange that made much of his hair fall out and caused pain and itching, but his eyes showed the sweet soul we knew needed our help.

Since coming to the Animal Rescue Center, Wile.E has been cared for by our loving staff, who make sure he is eating, bathe him with medicated soap, and monitor his recovery. His journey is far from over. With your help, we can continue to be the bridge to Wile.E's brighter future. He's already made strides and even enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast made by our ARC angels.


Give survivors Molly and her nine puppies a chance at a new life. While caring for her puppies, Molly was attacked by another dog and suffered injuries to her face. Her babies were kept in dirty crates for so long that their waste began to scorch their tiny paws. Every day, we provide hope for thousands of animals like Molly & her pups. We see cruelty survivors, neglected or injured animals, and those found wandering the streets who would otherwise have nowhere else to turn without you. Molly's puppies have found their forever homes, and we remain committed to finding Molly the loving home she deserves. For now, this incredible mama is getting special care and a lot of love at our Animal Rescue Center in Georgetown. Your gifts make all of this work possible.


Cherry Pie and Vamp are an unlikely duo, now bonded for life over a selfless, life-saving act. Tiny kitten Vamp weighed just over half a pound, was barely responsive, and was gasping for air when found by a kind-hearted citizen lying outside next to a littermate who hadn't survived the elements. Vamp's prognosis was grave without immediate intervention. Our medical team used blood donated by sweet shelter pup Cherry Pie to give Vamp a chance. Within seconds of the blood transfusion, Vamp was a different kitten. He lifted his head, stood up, and started meowing.

Both Vamp and Cherry Pie's journeys don't end here. Vamp continues to recover in foster care while her heroine Cherry Pie was recently adopted. Help us continue fighting for them and the most vulnerable animals in our communities by joining us this Giving Tuesday.


Hyper and Tucker, a bonded pair of small seniors had each other and nothing else when they came to us. Our skilled medical team was able to remove Hyper's infected eye and perform surgery to repair an umbilical hernia. After a bit of love and care, it didn't take long for this little pair to capture the hearts of a caring couple who opened their home to both dogs.

Stories like these are what we dedicate our lives to, and it gets even better. Thanks to a generous donor, your lifesaving donations will be matched up to $30,000! That means double the impact towards saving innocent lives, like Hyper and Tucker. Please join us this Giving Tuesday and help us give our companions the best start to a new life, by making a donation today.


Learn more about our lifesaving mission and the challenges we face. Your support is the bridge to a brighter future for these companions.

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