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Feline house soiling

Learn how to manage and treat your cat's Inappropriate elimination around the house.
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Grumble growl zones kid dog safety

Keep children and pets safe with a plan on minimizing crowded spaces in your house that could cause stress.
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16,946 lives saved in 2021

We once again set new records for saving the lives of homeless pets thanks to your support. In 2021, 18,577 animals came into our care, a 15% increase over 2020.
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Top 10 winter pet care tips

It’s no secret that Americans love their furry friends. In fact, there are more than 75 million dogs as pets in the United States, more than in any other country. As much as we love our pooches…
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Loose leash walking

Loose Leash Walking Protocol
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Dog boarding tips every owner should know

Dog boarding is a great way to have someone watch over your dog when you can’t
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How often should you take your dog to the vet clinic?

Veterinarian care is important for all dogs, and it isn’t something that pet parents should put on the back burner. However, not all dog owners know exactly how often they should take their dog…
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Bringing your new cat home

Cat: Bringing Your New Cat Home
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Check out upcoming events

Whether we’re hosting one of our fabulous Signature Events or bringing our adorable adoptables out into the community, the BVSPCA is always ready to make your acquaintance.

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Get your paws on our original and limited edition merchandise. Your purchases go towards the care of the 18,000+ animals we take in each year.

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