Support Ava's Fight for Survival

UPDATE 1/5/24:

Nearly three weeks since she was rescued from constant abuse, Ava's road to recovery is far from over, and so is our fight for justice. 

Ava has been healing well from her surgery to remove her severed leg, and her caring foster family says she has been getting along fine on her three legs and is an angel who loves everyone she meets. The focus of her recovery is now shifting to other injuries. Ava will likely need to undergo another surgery to remove her injured eye which we believe has no sight due to sustained trauma to her face. Dr. Moon at our West Chester Campus has been monitoring Ava, and she will perform the surgery once Ava gains more weight and strength if its condition does not improve

In the meantime, BVSPCA Humane Officer Bryan Jackson continues our fight for justice for Ava. A recent preliminary hearing for Ava's accused abuser led to more charges. The suspect now faces thirteen counts, including six felony aggravated cruelty to animal charges and remains jailed, unable to post $150,000 secured cash bail. 

We will continue to give Ava the care she needs to ensure her life of torture stays in her past and will continue to be a voice for Ava in our fight for justice for her. Join your voice with ours to protect other victims like her. Your donation will help support her care and the prosecution of her case.


UPDATE 12/21/23:

We've got her now and Ava's life of horrors is over. The entire Brandywine Valley SPCA (BVSPCA) family is so grateful for all of our community's support and we’re so happy to report that a caring foster family has stepped up to open their home to see Ava through her recovery.

Rescued from a life of abuse, Ava is on the road to a better future. She's spent days in the constant care of the dedicated medical team at VRC Specialty Hospital and our Animal Health Center in Malvern. Now, Ava is in a foster home for the holidays where she's able to relax, rest, and focus on getting strong and healthy. Her back leg has been surgically amputated and she is already getting around like a champ. She's eating well, showing staff and her foster the sweet girl she is by seeking affection, wagging her tail, and enjoying stuffy and squeaky toys.

In the meantime, the suspect charged with abusing Ava has been arrested and is behind bars, held on $150,000 cash bail. They face four felony counts of aggravated cruelty to animal charges and four misdemeanor counts of cruelty and neglect to animal charges. Humane officers from the BVSPCA Animal Protective Services (APS) Department will continue to fight for justice for Ava in this case.

Ava's fight for survival is just beginning, and the medical costs and care through her rehabilitation continue to mount. Your gifts give Ava the best chance at recovering and a safe and secure place to rest while we continue to mend her body and soul.



Thanks to the joint efforts of the Brandywine Valley SPCA (BVSPCA), the South Coatesville Police Department, and a good Samaritan, a suspect has been identified and charged in the heinous abuse of a dog found with multiple injuries to the face and traumatic amputation of her back leg. 

Police were alerted to a South Coatesville home by a tipster who heard the dog crying and yelping in pain. When officers arrived, they found the dog severely emaciated with multiple visible wounds, including a severed back leg. The dog, Ava, was rushed to VRC Specialty Hospital in Malvern for emergency treatment.

It’s a miracle Ava survived with the type of injuries she has sustained. It’s sickening to think about the trauma she’s endured and we are committed to providing her with the medical attention and care she needs to heal both physically and emotionally,” said Adam Lamb, BVSPCA’s Chief Executive Officer. “Ava deserves more than this abuse, and we are doing everything we can to get justice for her and make sure no other animals suffer the same fate at the hands of her abuser.”

The suspect faces four felony counts of aggravated cruelty charges and four misdemeanor counts of cruelty and neglect charges.

Ava remains hospitalized with multiple injuries all over her body in various stages of healing, likely from sustained abuse over time. One of Ava’s eyes has been severely damaged, and she has multiple older fractures in her leg and ribs, as well as damage to her lungs and multiple broken teeth. She will need to have her maimed leg surgically amputated.

“Despite this, Ava has been sweet and is eating well for us here,” said Sarah Fatula, VMD, Medical Director for VRC Specialty Hospital.

The Brandywine Valley SPCA is working to secure a medical foster who can give Ava the care she needs during this long road to recovery.

Incidents of cruelty take place far too often, and BVSPCA has a team of humane law enforcement officials standing by to protect dogs and cats in both Chester and Delaware Counties. However, BVSPCA wants to remind the community that resources are always available. BVSPCA remains a resource for lost, neglected, or unwanted animals and for pet owners who are struggling to afford to care for their pets.

The BVSPCA would like to thank the South Coatesville Police Department for their commitment to not just people, but pets as well, and the team at VRC Specialty Hospital for providing emergency care for Ava.

The costs for Ava's medical needs continue to mount, but the BVSPCA is committed to making sure she receives the best possible care. Your gifts provide Ava the best chance at recovering and a safe place to rest while we mend her body and soul.


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