Wishlist - Brandywine Valley SPCA


All donations, no matter how large or small, make a difference when it comes to caring for our homeless animals. Below are the items we currently need most.

Amazon Donations

Make an even bigger impact with your donations! When you make your purchases through AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price to the charitable organization of your choice. Log in today at smile.amazon.com and give back to our four-legged friends today.

You can also donate items directly from Amazon using our Amazon Wish List! Simply follow the links, and shop like you would from any other wish list. The items will be delivered directly to us, so you don’t have to worry about making the trip. Click here to find our lists for each of our campuses: Amazon Wish Lists. All donations, big and small, mean a great deal to us and to our animals!

What We Need

For the Pups

  • Heavy duty dog toys
  • Food puzzles
  • No-pull harnesses: Freedom Harness, Balance Harness, EZ Walk (M/L/XL)
  • Martingale collars: ¾ inch or 1 inch (M/L)
  • Training clickers with wrist strap
  • Travel pet carriers (S/M/L)
  • Wet dog food
  • Kongs (all sizes)
  • E-collars
  • Frisbees
  • Carabeeners
  • Peanut butter (smooth, nothing with xylitol)
  • Towels and blankets (Washed, gently used items are great, but no knitted or crocheted items, down comforters, used dog beds or pillows please)

For Our Fosters

  • KMR powder
  • Pet nursing bottles
  • Dry and wet kitten food (no color added)
  • Heating pads (Snuggle Safes)
  • X-Pens
  • Pureed baby food (chicken and gravy only)

For the Kitties

  • Cat scratchers from stretchandscratch.com
  • Cat toys
  • Food puzzles
  • Laser pointers
  • Cat litter (clumping and unscented) and standard size litter boxes
  • Small throw blankets

Download printable version of our Wish List.