COVID-19 response

When the Going gets tough, the BVSPCA works harder

We’ve always taken difficult times as a call to action, whether it’s a natural disaster or a pandemic. During this unusual time, we’ve chosen to keep essential services in place for our homeless animals and your pets. That’s certainly not the easiest way to go, but that’s not why we do this work.

Many experts are calling this a crisis in animal sheltering. We’re already seeing declines in adoptions, we expect increases in intakes, some employees can’t get to work, and we’ve had to limit volunteer support for distancing. Many shelters are closing their doors to the community and animals.

Not the BVSPCA. It just means we have to work harder. We need your support now more than ever to do that.

We’re open!

Now more than ever, pets are playing an essential role in our happiness and well-being. So even though the work of sheltering is becoming harder than ever, we remain committed to doing everything possible to save the lives depending on us and to help families care for their pets during these difficult times. Our adoption centers and clinics remain open.


Please come by to fill your home with love and hope. No appointment is needed, but check our slightly adjusted hours. We have distancing and other safety protocols in place, so please be patient if you’re asked, for instance, to wait in the car or to enter a room. (If you’re not in a position to make it forever, please consider fostering.)


Our Animal Health Centers remain open, with a process flow that minimizes people in the building. Folks with an appointment will get instructions before and at arrival. We’re also introducing telemedicine by appointment for existing clients. Contact our call center to see if your need will qualify: DE 302-516-1004, PA (610) 482-4289. We’ve also modified our hours slightly.

Non-essential activities

We’re limiting intake to critical situations, and we’ve cancelled off-site adoption events, volunteer orientations, and Wellness Wagon mobile preventive care. We’re also no longer accepting donations of supplies at the shelter but welcome purchases from our Amazon Wish Lists.

Supplies Wish List

Foster Application

Resources for pet families

We’re here for you during this uncertain time. Our Pet Resource Center Hotline can help answer questions and discuss options for assistance should your family be impacted by the virus:

Pet Resource Center Hotline
PA: 484-301-5200
DE: 302-516-1010

In addition, each of our shelters has a pet food pantry should your family be negative impacted economically due to closures. We’re making pet food available outside of our normal Henry’s Cupboard hours. Stop in during normal shelter operating hours: Tuesday-Friday 12pm-7pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-5pm.

Temporary employment opportunities

We appreciate the necessary preventive measures taking place across the community. At the same time, there may be people and families placed in difficult financial situations as a result of being out of work. For a limited time, we’re offering temporary employment opportunities for folks in our communities. You must be 18 or older to participate and live in our service areas of Chester County, Delaware County, or the state of Delaware.

To be considered, please click here to apply and one of our folks will get back to you within 48 hours.

Planning for your pets

We hope all the planning and preventive measures taking place across our community minimize the impact on our family. That said, it’s a good time to review the preparedness plan you’d need during any time of uncertainty.

  • Make a plan with your family and friends that includes contingencies for caring for your pet

  • Verify that your pet’s microchip contact information is current and that your pet is wearing a current id

  • Organize your veterinary records and double-check that your pets are current on vaccinations should you need to consider boarding

  • Document all medications with dosages and instructions should you need to rely on someone to administer them

  • Keep crates ready should you need to move your pet(s)

  • Maintain a supply of essential items, such as pet food and cat litter

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