Local veterinarians can help you be more vigilant against fleas

Did you know that a female flea has the ability to lay up to 2,000 eggs during her lifetime? That is just one single flea wreaking havoc and no pet has just one flea. In order to combat fleas it is important to understand exactly what they are; tiny parasites that breed rather quickly. Their eggs have been known to survive for six months or longer. Dogs and cats can easily get them from environments where other animals with fleas have been. You need to be vigilant when it comes to detecting fleas before you are dealing with a full-fledged problem that is most difficult to eradicate.

The anatomy of a flea

Fleas live off of the blood from bites inflicted on animals. What does this mean for your dog or cat? They can easily become anemic due to blood loss. Have you seen signs that your pet has a flea problem? Watch for licking, chewing, and scratching that causes damage to hair and skin. Some pets may even have an allergy to flea saliva that develops over time. This causes an itch that is far worse than the original flea bite and can cause skin inflammation and hair loss around their tail base and along their back. If you notice these symptoms in your pet you need to make an appointment to see a local veterinarian fast.

No pet is safe from fleas

The only way a pet can be absolutely free from fleas is if they live in total isolation. The chances that you don’t take your dog outside for walks or play are slim to none. Even cats enjoy exploring outdoors. The best way to stay on top of flea problems before they become an infestation is to take your pet to a vet hospital where they can receive flea care to prevent future flea issues. Your local veterinarian may recommend anti-flea products such as sprays, top spots, injections, and tablets depending on the stage of an infestation. It is important to use the right products to interrupt a flea life cycle. You may also be instructed by a vet concerning how to treat your pet’s environment too. Overall, this will all help to keep you and your pet from suffering from a terrible flea problem.

Natural remedies may seem helpful but they aren’t effective

Have you already tried treating your pet and home with natural products? A lot of times those products may not be safe for animals, even though they say they are natural. Essentials oils may be toxic to pets. They have been known to cause skin eruptions, or are harmful when ingested via normal grooming. Some ‘natural’ products even have offensive odors that upset you and your pet. You go through all of this trouble only to find out that the products don’t work well too. A local vet clinic is the best option when it comes to seriously getting rid of fleas.

Your local veterinarian can find fleas that you can’t find

You’ve bathed and groomed your dog yet they still scratch. You’ve parted their hair, checked their tummy, and just overall searched for fleas on them, yet you find nothing. So why is your beloved furry family member still scratching all of the time? It’s time to make an appointment to visit a veterinary clinic to find out.

Flea dirt, what’s that?

Have you ever heard of flea dirt? It’s not a popular topic. Your local veterinarian can explain exactly what flea dirt is and why you should have your pet groomed often. Essentially, flea dirt is flea feces. It can be found when combing your pet and finding black specks. Dot those specks on a wet paper towel, if they leave an orange to reddish/brown color it’s flea excrement. When a flea problem has reached this level, see your vet. They are ready to help you combat fleas, whether you need flea control for a season or year-round.

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