Hurricane evacuations from the gulf coast

The Brandywine Valley SPCA has once again mobilized to assist other shelters in the face of a natural disaster. We’ve received 110 dogs on three emergency airlift missions to help ease the situation for shelters in Louisiana.

Just before Hurricane Laura was expected to make landfall, we received two emergency airlift evaluations in two days from shelters in flood-prone areas of Louisiana. In total, we received 79 dogs that were up for adoption in those shelters. The goal was to move them from the danger of flooding while also making space should local pets get displaced from their families during the storm. A week after those missions, most have found forever families in our area.

But the work wasn’t done. Hurricane Laura left parts of Louisiana devastated. Large areas remain without power with no end in sight. The shelters are intaking pets displaced from their families while struggling with challenges like sewage backups. To alleviate at least a little pressure in the area, we received another airlift with 31 dogs that were in shelters before the storm. These dogs have gone to our West Chester Campus, where they’ll be checked out and made available.

We’ve taken this work on without hesitancy at a time when our shelters are full with the influx of summer intakes. You can help by:

  • Donate to help offset the significant cost of helping these animals in need

  • Adopt to make room for the hurricane rescues

  • Adopt a hurricane rescue

We’re grateful for all the support we get from our community that enables us to step up in times like this. Thank you for being part of #TeamBVSPCA!

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