Enjoy the behavioral and medical benefits of spaying or neutering pets

Did you know that a flea has the ability to live over 100 days without any type of blood meal? Essentially this means you need to get veterinary care for your pet if you notice that they have fleas. There are also other types of care that are beneficial to pets. A couple of the most beneficial treatments are spaying and neutering at a local animal hospital or local vet clinic. Did you just consider the cost and now you aren’t sure you can afford to have your pet spayed or neutered? Actually, the spay and neuter cost is not as high as you may believe. A local veterinarian is likely to offer affordable vet services that keep your pet happy and healthy.

In fact, services to spay and neuter cost much less than having to pay to take care of a litter of puppies or kittens. You will also be helping to better control the homelessness crisis that affects millions of cats and dogs that are healthy. Many healthy animals are euthanized in the U.S. every year because there are not adopted. Caring organizations such as the spca neuter and spay cats and dogs before they can be adopted into loving homes. This ensures that your new pet leads a better life with great behavioral and medical benefits.

Reap the Medical Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Pets

The spay and neuter cost is minimal when it comes to the medical benefits your pet will enjoy. This is especially true for female pets. You should consider having them spayed before their first heat so they can get the best protection against different types of diseases. The spay and neuter cost is beneficial in that it allows them to live a longer and healthier life by preventing breast tumors and uterine infections, as well.

When it comes to neutering male pets, testicular cancer and prostate problems can be prevented. Take your pet into a nearby veterinary hospital to have them examined and ask about spay and neutering services and how they will benefit your pet the most. You love your dog, but you don’t want puppies, no matter how cute they are. The same goes if you have a cat, you don’t want to have to deal with fuzzy little kittens getting into everything and costing you more money when it comes to their care.

The Behavioral Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Are Fantastic

Felines tend to go into heat 4 or 5 days every 3 weeks for a breeding season. It makes them ‘advertise’ via urinating frequently, and sometimes all over your house, and yowling. A cat can yowl for hours, driving family members insane with their incessant need. This behavior can be prevented when you have your pet spayed, they won’t go into heat at all.

Female cats are not the only problem. Male dogs tend to roam from home looking for female dogs in heat. They will do anything to find a female mate including escaping at every opportunity and spraying strong-smelling urine all over your home. A male dog on the loose could easily run into traffic or get in a fight with another male. Once neutered, male dogs tend to behave much better. Does your dog exhibit signs of wanting to mount people, other dogs, or inanimate objects? Once neutered, he may be less likely to behave in this manner. Is your male dog aggressive? Early neutering could also stop some aggression problems before they get started.

When Is the Appropriate Time to Spay or Neuter?

Dogs should undergo spaying or neutering as early as 8 weeks, with the traditional age being 6 to 9 months. Adults cats and dogs can still be neutered too. It is also safe for kittens 8 weeks of age to be spayed or neutered. A cat should definitely be spayed or neutered before 5 months of age to stop the spraying of urine or any type of pregnancy. The spay and neuter cost is minor when it comes to the health and happiness of your pet.

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