Can cats stay home during your vacation?

Going out of town can be tricky when you have pets, which is why many people choose to adopt a cat into their family. Cats are supposedly lower maintenance pets than dogs, and can stand to be left alone for longer periods of time, right? Believe it or not, this is a common misconception. Cats need plenty of care too, which is why local cat boarding services might be the right choice for you if you’re a cat owner looking to travel.

Cats Need Love, Too

While it is true that cats tend to be more independent than dogs, that doesn’t mean they’ll always be perfectly fine with you leaving for days at a time. Cats, despite popular belief, do need to connect with humans or other animals for emotional security and stability. When you leave for days at a time, your cat might become nervous or distressed, especially if you don’t have someone staying with them. Cat boarding can help them relax while you’re away by keeping them in good company.

Keeping Out Of Trouble

Nobody likes coming home from vacation only to have a mess to clean up when you get back. Cats, when distressed or needing attention, can cause a mess in a lot of different ways. This is especially true for families living in a smaller space with a pet, like the 70% of apartment renters who own pets. If you want to avoid coming back from your vacation to a ruined home or apartment, pet boarding services can help.

Quality Care For Emergencies

Even if you have someone checking in on your cat while you’re away, things can go wrong. Pet emergencies are scary, but they do happen, and if you’re on vacation you want to be confident that your cat is going to be well taken care of. A pet-sitter only is visiting your pet for brief periods during the day, and might not always be there when you need them to be for your pet’s health and safety. Pet boarding ensures your pet has the best care around the clock while you’re away from home, keeping them happy and healthy.

Cat boarding services ensure that your cat is well taken care of, so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. For more information on cat boarding services and other forms of pet care, contact Eastern Shore Pet Resort today.

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