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Suspect Facing Charges After Cats Found Dead in Plastic Bins Outside Delco Animal Clinic

There are pivotal moments in animal welfare where a dire situation can spark change for future pets. We are seeking justice & awareness to invoke change in the treatment of our feline companions – and we are asking for your help.

In two separate incidents, a total of five kittens were found dead in plastic bins left in the heat outside of the Spayed Club, in Sharon Hill, Delaware County. The bins were abandoned after hours when the facility was closed, and signs were posted warning against leaving animals. Case officials believe the kittens likely suffocated from the heat and lack of access to food and water. 

This case raises issues of abandonment, ownership, and responsibility – but most importantly empathy and decency for the cats in our homes and our community. Cats do not deserve to be put in a bin and discarded like trash. “Litters aren’t litter. Cats deserve more and we will do everything we can to get justice for them so they may rest in peace,” -Adam Lamb, Chief Executive Officer.  

Thanks to the joint efforts of our team and the Sharon Hill Police Department, a suspect has been identified and will be charged in the heinous neglect case that shook the Delaware Valley last week.  

We would like to thank the Sharon Hill Police Department for their commitment to not just people, but pets as well. “We take these crimes very seriously, and they will always be investigated to the fullest,” said Detective Procopio, of the Sharon Hill Police Department.  

The BVSPCA offers community programs to provide resources aimed at preventing cases like this from ever happening again. Pet owners in need of support can always turn to the BVSPCA for free pet food, behavior resources, grant funding for vet care needs and, if needed, rehoming assistance. The BVSPCA also provides free vaccine clinics and discounted spay and neuter services throughout the year, as well as discounted or free community cat TNVR services, support to cat rescue groups, and trap rentals.

Please join our fight for justice for these kittens and help prevent future cases of neglect by donating today.

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Litters Aren't Litter

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