Tangi program

Through a peer-to-peer mentoring project, we helped a large rural municipal shelter go from a 22% save rate to 90% in just over a year.

Tangi community’s challenges

Tangipahoa Parish Animal Services faces challenges similar to other Southern shelters — limited resources, low spay/neuter in the community, and more animals than adopters, all with higher animal intake than most shelters in their area. The shelter takes in more than 5,000 dogs and cats annually, which could be dozens on any given day.

Key steps in the program

  • Embedding BVSPCA staff to work alongside Tangi staff for the year

  • Completing an empty shelter on the Tangipahoa Animal Services property

  • Increasing transports to relocate at-risk animals to areas where they’re highly adoptable

  • Building an on-site spay/neuter clinic to manage the homeless pet population

  • Implementing intake intervention programs to help families care for their pets, reunite lost pets, and reduce intake

  • Building cat lifesaving programs like TNVR (trap-neuter-vaccinate-return)


A critical part of the project has been stemming the tide of unwanted puppies and kittens in the community. We built a new spay/neuter clinic right on the Tangi shelter property, hired additional veterinary staff, and guided the team on how they can sustain operations over time. Hundreds of family pets were altered in the first few months, not to mention all the shelter animals now guaranteed to leave spayed/neutered.

Making an impact

“Best Friends has set a goal of helping every shelter in the nation reach a 90% save rate benchmark by 2025,” said Brent Toellner, Sr. Director of National Programs for Best Friends Animal Society.  “Brandywine Valley SPCA has a proven track record of successful lifesaving programing and in helping others. In order to reach our goal, we want to continue to partner with great partner organizations like BVSPCA in order to provide help and support to shelters who need and want it. We are excited to partner with them in supporting these important changes at Tangipahoa Animal Services.”

Please consider a donation to our work in Louisiana

This program is among the very few of its kind being run across the country, and we’re honored to be chosen to partner with all of these amazing organizations. The program grants get us more than half way through the budget.

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