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The BVSPCA is here to help you keep your dog or cat stay with your family should you face challenging circumstances.

The BVSPCA understands that occasionally circumstances arise that challenge pet owners.  We may be able to provide counseling, products or services to help keep families together, and their pets happy and healthy. Below are programs available to families needing assistance. Contact our free Pet Resource Center for help: 484-301-5200 or 302-516-1010,

Domestic Violence Victims

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, pets no longer have to be a factor when making the choice to leave an abusive situation for residents of Delaware. The Brandywine Valley SPCA has teamed up with CHILD, Inc. and People’s Place, two Delaware domestic violence shelters, to provide victims of abuse free housing and care for their pets, as they transition to safety. Please contact the shelters directly on their hotline numbers regarding services:

  • CHILD, Inc. Bilingual (Spanish/English) 302-762-6110
  • People’s Place – English- 302-422-8058
  • People’s Place – Spanish- 302-745-9874

Rehoming Consultation

Sometimes emergencies happen, and families are forced to part with a pet. However, surrendering your pet to a sheltering agency should be considered a last resort. We can offer guidance and tips to help you find a new family for your dog or cat. For a rehoming consultation, please contact our free Pet Resource Center: 484-301-5200 or 302-516-1010,

Pet Food Pantry

Launched in January of 2015, the Brandywine Valley SPCA offers free food assistance for pet owners living below the poverty line.  We provide food for both dogs and cats and will also counsel on affordable vaccines and spay/neuter services. Our goal is dispensing accessible food and enabling families to stay together. The pantry is open at each of our campuses during business hour which are Tuesday – Friday from noon-7:00pm and Saturday & Sunday from 11:00am – 5:00pm. For more information, contact our free Pet Resource Center: 484-301-5200 or 302-516-1010,

Loaner Crate Program

Proper use of a crate can make training, housebreaking, and life in general with a puppy or new dog frustration-free for both the family and the dog. Families who are unable to afford a dog crate can learn more about our Loan-a-Crate program by calling our Pet Resource Center: 484-301-5200 or 302-516-1010,

Behavior Team

The Brandywine Valley SPCA offers phone, e-mail and on-site support for our adopters, foster families and pet owners seeking assistance to keep their pet at home. Please contact our free Pet Resource Center: 484-301-5200 or 302-516-1010,

Disaster Preparedness

When the unexpected happens, protecting all of the members of your family often needs to be done with very little notice or time to prepare. To assure that your pets have everything you need in the event of an emergency or evacuation order, review the tips linked to the button below.