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What to Do

Found Animals

If you have found a lost or stray animal, please file a report with the Delaware Office of Animal Welfare.

Lost Animals

If you have lost your pet, please file a report with the Delaware Office of Animal Welfare. Also, look at the list below of recently found pets or you can also do a walk-through of our shelter to determine if your pet has been brought to us.

All Lost/Found Reports will also be posted to our Lost/Found Facebook Page, an online community we have set up to help reunite pets and owners.

Other Suggestions

  • Contact friends and neighbors in person or using social media – flyers go a long way!
  • In the event that you’ve lost a cat, put out something that smells familiar to your cat, such as a blanket or a bit of dirty litter. Many indoor cats will remain very close to the home and a familiar smell can lure them back into the home, safe and sound!
  • Call local veterinary hospitals.
  • Also, we strongly urge all pet owners to permanently identify their pet with a microchip! This can be done for only $20 at the Brandywine Valley SPCA. While collars can fall off and tags can go missing, a microchip is permanent and ensures that your contact information remains with your pet at all times!


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Below is a listing of all animals recently found and located at the Brandywine Valley SPCA.

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