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Puppy Vaccination Appointments

A healthy pet is every dog owner’s dream. You want your dog to stay in good health so it can remain part of your family for a long as possible. To protect your dog from dangerous diseases, you need to start by sticking to all puppy vaccinations. These are essential for a healthy pet. They are also mandatory in some states. Read on to find out more about puppy vaccinations.

What Are Puppy Vaccines And What Makes them Important?

A vaccine is a substance that will help to prepare your puppy’s immune system and enable it to defend itself from various disease-causing agents. Typically, vaccines can contain either weakened or killed disease-causing agents. Sometimes they have proteins from the bacteria or virus being vaccinated against. Once the vaccine is administered, the immune system will be stimulated, and that will help it to recognize the antigens in the future.

What Are The Core Puppy Vaccinations?

The main puppy vaccinations should be administered to every puppy due to the universal risk of exposure. Some of the diseases are also transmissible to humans. Therefore you cannot afford to not have your puppy vaccinated against them. This will ensure the safety of your family and everyone around you. Here are some of the essential vaccinations for your puppy:

  • Canine Parvovirus
  • Canine Distemper
  • Hepatitis
  • Rabies

There are also a number of non-core vaccines that can be given to your puppy. These include Bordetella, dog fly, and Lyme vaccine. While these vaccines are not among the list of core vaccines, they are also important to ensure a heathy pet. You must note that you are required by law to vaccinate your dog against rabies.

Are Puppy Vaccines Optional?

Well, not every puppy should be vaccinated against all the diseases out there. However, you must ensure that your puppy is vaccinated against the core diseases and the diseases that are most popular in your area. Also, when you are traveling with your pet, ensure that it’s vaccinated against diseases in your destination country or state. You must also remember that puppy vaccinations also involve other things like a thorough medical exam. Things like flea infestation can be identified and dealt with during puppy vaccination appointments. Fleas quickly multiply and cause a lot of health issues for your pet. For instance, a female flea can lay about 2,000 eggs in her lifetime, and if these turn into adult fleas, you will have a serious problem.

You must find out about your puppy vaccination schedule from your vet. It is important to stick to this schedule so you can stay with a healthy pet. Puppy vaccinations are scientifically proven to help protect against the most dangerous dog diseases.

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