Traveling for the holidays? Give your dog a holiday too

Dog boarding reservations are starting to fill up fast for holiday boarding. Dog parents are taking full advantage of giving their pups the best experience when they have to be apart.

Pet owners agree that holiday travel for leisure or to visit family is one of their favorite activities, but they also report that they worry so much about their pups that it puts a damper on things. Boarding your dog for the holidays while you travel can get rid of the guilt and let you both fully enjoy the holidays apart.

Your Dog Deserves the Best Life

The worry you feel for your dog when you’re away can keep you from enjoying your vacation or holiday getaway. The last thing you want to think about is your fur-baby being anxious at home waiting for you to come back. Making dog boarding reservations early on during your planning phase will ensure that while you are away your pet is fully pampered and cared for while you’re away.

Of course, your pampered pooch deserves only the best, and not any old boarding situation will do. You want to be sure your pet receives only the best accommodations available such as:

  • A luxurious doggy suite in a beautiful facility

  • A comfy raised bed with a plush blanket and pillow

  • In-suite television

  • Multiple walks each day

  • Playtime

  • A private webcam so you can you’re your pup while you are apart

Boarding time for your pooch can mean vacation time for them while you’re enjoying your own vacation time. The right facility will offer a range of services like “room service with mid-afternoon treats,” “cuddle time,” “holiday meal,” and more that you can add on to your boarding package.

Most importantly, you can rest assured that while you are away from your pup that they are getting all the love that they need to feel safe and comfortable. Guilt-free holiday travel is possible with the right pet resort.

Make your dog boarding reservations early with the pet resort that puts your pups pleasure first. Slots fill up fast, make your dog boarding reservations early and travel guilt-free this holiday season.

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