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Dog training and behavior consulting is an unregulated industry that requires no assessment of the trainer or behavior consultant’s ability to train animals. Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, behavior consultant, or behaviorist without any education or certification. There are certification programs and the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers is the unofficial standard but being certified does not guarantee the quality of a trainer. Veterinarians are not required to undergo any training in animal behavior and may not be up to date in current best practices for behavior modification. If you are considering medication for your pet, please consult with a veterinary behaviorist. Veterinary Behaviorists are the psychiatrists of veterinary medicine with specialized training in behavior modification and pharmaceutical intervention. The following list of recommended trainers are trainers who are certified and committed to using positive reinforcement-based training. We recommend being your dogs advocate and meeting with/evaluating any dog trainer you’re considering hiring before committing to a training program. The Brandywine Valley SPCA can not guarantee the availability or quality of any of the trainers recommended on this document.

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