BVSPCA assists with first Mega in Houston

Record-setting Mega in Houston

November 11, 2019 — Texas has one of the lowest live release rates in the country. We’re proud to have worked alongside the Petco Foundation and hard-working shelters/rescues in the greater Houston area to turn the tides with their first Mega Adoption Event this weekend. A total of 1,450 homeless pets were placed with families in two days at the Houston Mega Adoption Event. Now that’s lifesaving Texas-style!

We at the BVSPCA have placed more than 6,000 homeless pets with families through our Megas in Pennsylvania and Delaware. That success led the Petco Foundation to invite us to help shelters and rescues in the greater Houston area host their own Mega. We embraced this opportunity because of the energy, passion and commitment of both the shelters and the community. We believe we’re all in this hard work together and that the opportunity to save lives crosses all borders and boundaries. Our investment in making the Houston Mega a success included:

  • Mentoring

  • Event planning

  • Logistics and operational management

  • Marketing

  • Supplies

  • Spay/neuter assistance

  • Event staffing with employees and volunteers

 We worked alongside an incredible group of lifesavers from Texas. Teamwork truly made the dream work for these 1,450 homeless pets. Participants included:

  • Montgomery County Animal Shelter

  • BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions

  • SPCA of Brazoria County

  • Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center

  • Galveston County Animal Resource Center

  • Rockwall Pets

  • Fort Bend County Animal Services

  • Harris County Animal Shelter

  • Friends of the South Houston Animal Shelter

  • Palm Valley Animal Center

  • Rosenberg Animal Control and Shelter

Now we turn our sights to our local Mega on December 7-8 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA. These events have an incredible impact by consistently placing more than 1,000 homeless pets in two days, many times with adopters who never would’ve otherwise thought of adoption or going to the shelter. The work is hard but so rewarding.

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