Mega success

710 Lives Changed Forever

The last two days were nothing short of amazing. Our community came together to give safety, comfort and love to 710- cats and dogs that had lost everything – cruelty survivors, stray pets out on their own, pets needing to be re-homed, cats and dogs at risk or euthanasia in other shelters. Plus the four shelters participating with us had another 176 adoptions at ACCT Philly, Animal Adoption Center (AAC), Homeward Bound and Humane PA.

The stories of the lives saved are as varied as the sizes, ages, and species of the pets adopted.

Buster’s owner had passed away, landing him in our shelter at twelve years old.

Found abandoned in their home, Bonnie and Clyde were at risk in an overcrowded shelter.

Bishop arrived as a stray and waited seven months for the family who will love him like we do.

Luc needed surgery here then lifetime care for digestive limitations that will be met by the nurse who fell in love with him.

Ronaldo overcame medical and socialization needs after likely being kept in a crate for weeks on end.

Thank you to everyone who made successes like these possible. We’re grateful to all of you who opened your heart and home to adopt, to all of you who support our work by donating and sharing our news, to the volunteers and staff who gave their time and love so selflessly, and our generous event sponsors Petco Love, BOBS from Sketchers and Discover. We all share this success together: 710 lives changed forever.

We’re fortunate to have support from Petco Love, BOBS from Sketchers and Discover, but it doesn’t come close to covering the cost of saving all these lives. Please donate today to help support this important work.

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