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Recommended trainers north DE

Recommended Trainers: PA, North Delaware, and South Jersey
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Autumn pet safety tips

As we enter fall, it’s important for pet parents to be aware of the unique dangers that this season can bring. If you want to keep your pet as safe as possible this fall, here are some tips tha…
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Feline spraying

Feline Inappropriate Elimination Disorder: house-soiling
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Engage to disengage

Engage to disengage protocol
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A recall is a trained behavior that causes your dog to run to you when the recall cue is given. This behavior may be one of the most important that you will ever teach your dog. Some people choose to…
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Best options for outdoor play with your dog

About 85 million people have pets and many of them are dogs. Dogs need exercise to stay healthy. Finding the right exercise routine for your pet will benefit their health. Here are some great tips.Ta…
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Raising kittens

Kitten raising guide for foster parents
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Whether we’re hosting one of our fabulous Signature Events or bringing our adorable adoptables out into the community, the BVSPCA is always ready to make your acquaintance.

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