How to prepare for a dog adoption

There are a lot of dogs out in the world that need loving homes. This is because many dogs are allowed to reproduce without restrictions, causing unwanted litters to be born. Additionally, there are many dogs, and pets in general, being relinquished by owners that no longer want them or can no longer keep them. They often do so without setting up homes in advance. If you want to adopt a dog and help solve this problem, that is wonderful. But there are a few things that you need to keep in mind as you move forward. Here are a few steps to remember when preparing for a dog adoption.

1. Dog-Proof Your Home

Every home needs a few tweaks here and there to prepare for a new dog. Puppies obviously get into more trouble than typical adult dogs, but even some adult dogs have specific behavioral issues, and every dog’s challenges are different. Typically, you’ll want to use a baby gate or other barriers to block off areas that aren’t safe for your dog. Clean your home and pick up any choking hazards. Anything you don’t want to be chewed or soiled, keep out of reach of your new dog.

2. Find a Vet

Don’t wait until your new dog is home. Identify a great local vet, and call ahead to set up your dog’s first appointment. Great vets are often so popular that they have waiting lists for new patients. The sooner you select your vet, the better.

3. Research Dog Food

Not all dog food is created equal. It’s possible that your new dog won’t love the food you buy in advance of their arrival, but you should invest in some good food before they arrive. Make sure that you’re paying attention to your new dog’s specific health needs, and ask the rescue you’re adopting from about any health issues they may have before buying.

Dogs are not that different from people. All of them are individual, with their own special quirks. Adopting a dog isn’t so different from becoming a parent. The more you prepare, the smoother the transition will be for you and your new pup.

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