Holiday sleepovers for overlooked dogs

Holiday Sleepovers are back! We’re excited to be holding our third annual Holiday Sleepovers, this year with a focus on the most overlooked dogs in our shelters. We’re looking for families to welcome these dogs as fosters from December 24th through January 3rd to give them a break from the shelter and to capture moments that will help them find forever families.

The candidate dogs are wonderful companions who may be overlooked for a number of reasons. They might be a little older, they might want to be an only pet, or they may be stressed in the kennels and not show their best. Regardless, they’re all deserving of love. While the dogs are enjoying the holidays in foster care, we hope to get insights, photos and videos that will help them find forever families after the foster period.

This year’s Holiday Sleepovers are being held in partnership with Big Barker, maker of the only dog bed designed specifically to support a big dog’s body. Big Barker is sending each dog home with a Big Barker bed. In a study performed by the University of Pennsylvania, the Big Barker bed was clinically proven to alleviate the pain and stiffness big dogs can suffer from due to arthritis and joint deterioration. Big Barker beds improve mobility, energy and quality of life.

Please consider opening your home and heart to one of our most overlooked dogs during the holidays. This page shows some of our current candidates (all subject to change for any wonderful adoptions prior to the holidays and new arrivals). Our Lifesaving Coordinator at our campus near you will work with you to find a great match for your family. Sign up today!

West Chester candidates

Dover candidate

Georgetown candidates

New Castle candidates

Sign up to foster here.

Learn more about Big Barker Beds here.

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