Giving Tuesday

Living in a small outdoor pen, Meatball had no food or water, and the pen’s wooden floor was coated in feces and urine. He was emaciated, nearly bald with several open wounds, and covered in live ticks and fleas.

A BVSPCA Animal Protective Services officer rescued Meatball from that horrific situation earlier this month. We quickly learned that Meatball didn’t let all that suffering damage the sweet, gentle soul inside.

Our team of dedicated staff and volunteers quickly rallied to get Meatball on the path to recovery. That includes what’s expected to be 1-2 months in a foster home. His amazing foster family makes sure Meatball gets four meals a day, regular medical baths, and coconut oil massages, not to mention binging movies on the couch and long walks in the neighborhood.

This is the work we do every single day as one of the only remaining open access shelters. We see the toughest cases because we accept the lost, stray, abused and abandoned dogs and cats that most shelters turn away. Medical resources like our new Intensive Care Unit, 12 veterinarians, and amazing staff make it possible to care for the most vulnerable of these dogs and cats.

We can only do that work with your support. Make your donation on this #GivingTuesday to ensure others like Meatball get the help they need and the loving life they deserve.

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