BVSPCA assists 161 backyard breeder dogs

BVSPCA Intakes 58 Small Dogs & Provides Medical Care for another 103 Small Dogs at a Georgetown Residence

This past Saturday our team took in 58 small dogs from a backyard breeder and provided medical care for another 103 small dogs that remained on the property. The 58 animals were voluntarily surrendered by the owner at the scene and transferred to our Georgetown Campus for further evaluation and treatment.

The homeowner is a kennel operator with 161 dogs and puppies on the property. In late July, the Delaware Office of Animal Welfare (OAW) investigated a complaint regarding the welfare of the animals on the property and issued corrective notices for unsanitary conditions and medical issues. We were brought into the case with the homeowner’s permission to help reduce the population to a more manageable number and to assist with medical care.

Adam Lamb, our CEO, worked with the property owner to schedule a visit, and on Saturday a team of 15 BVSPCA medical and animal personnel, including two veterinarians, spent more than eight hours at the property. All dogs received age-appropriate vaccinations, heartworm testing, deworming, and flea/tick treatment, as well as triage for imminent medical conditions as needed.

Of the 161 dogs, 58 were voluntarily surrendered by the homeowner to the BVSPCA. The following day, the homeowner requested the return of four dogs, and a BVSPCA staff person delivered them back to the homeowner that afternoon.

The dogs include a variety of small dog breeds, such as Pomeranians, Shih-Tzus, Dachshunds, Miniature Poodles and Pugs. The dogs, now in our care are mostly adults, ranging in age up to seniors. Some are expected to be ready for adoption this week, and others will require a longer time frame to be ready for adoption.

“It’s unfortunate when we see an elderly person who cares about their pets get into a situation where the numbers and care required exceed what they can handle,” said Adam Lamb, BVSPCA CEO. “We need to be there for the community in cases like this and to help raise awareness to prevent such situations in the future.”

The medical care on Saturday alone cost our organization more than $20,000. The dogs we took from the property have then required emergency boarding, spay/neuter and medical expenses for those requiring additional care. Please donate today to support our work to help these 161 backyard breeder dogs.


Founded in 1929, the Brandywine Valley SPCA is the first open admission no-kill shelter in Pennsylvania and Delaware. In 2017, the BVSPCA cared for more than 14,000 stray, owner-surrendered, wayward owned, and abused and neglected animals while achieving a 96% live release rate. The BVSPCA provides animal protective services for Chester County and much of Delaware County in Pennsylvania, and it holds a five-year contract with the Delaware Office of Animal Welfare to provide state-wide animal services for dogs. Animals are placed through four adoption centers: the West Chester Campus, the New Castle Campus, the Georgetown Campus, and a PetSmart® Everyday Adoption Center in Dover. In addition, the BVSPCA provides families with safety net and low-cost veterinary services at its three clinic locations: the Malvern Animal Health Center, the New Castle Animal Health Center, and the Georgetown Animal Health Center. Later this year the BVPCA expects to open a new Pet Resource Center in Dover and a Rescue and Rehab Center in Georgetown.

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