Fun facts about vet services

Vet services are a necessity to ensure your pet can live a long healthy life. A vet clinic is your partner in helping your pet to stay on the path of good health. Most pet owners know that a veterinary clinic is where to go when their pet is in trouble but there are some things that you may not know about this profession.

Companion animals bring so much quality to everyone’s life. In the US there are 75 million pet dogs which are more than any other place in the world. Before child protection laws were put in place, there were animal protection laws. Child protection laws were modeled after animal protection laws. We love our pets and we love the idea of having a doctor that is dedicated to improving their quality of life.

Some Facts About Veterinarians and Their Vet Services

The word veterinarian comes from the Latin word veterinae meaning, working animals. About 80% of vets are women. Your vet had to choose a specialty, they may have specialized in household pets, dentistry, preventive medicine, husbandry, exotic pets, livestock or several other specialty fields.

61% of all human diseases started in animals. Some vets choose to take the research path and focus on treatment research instead of working with patients. A veterinarian doctor takes an oath much as a human doctor does.

There are only a small number of accredited veterinary schools. It is a very competitive process to be accepted to vet school.

About 25% of all vet hospital visits for dogs stem from a problem with their coat or their skin. The remaining percentage of visits to the veterinary clinic is because of cuts, abrasions, immunizations, and illness.

16% of veterinary services are dedicated to non-companion animals including wildlife and farm animals. 6% of all veterinary services are dedicated to horses.

The work environment for veterinarians is a risky one. No matter how docile a pet is at home there is always a good chance that they will bite when they are scared or injured. One of the hazards of being a service provider is getting a bit.

Preventive Medicine

Vet services deliver a great deal of preventive medicine to help offset the risk of illness. From New Castle DE pet vaccine services to diet recommendations, prevention is a focus at many clinics. Partner with a vet today to keep your pet healthy and learn more about this dedicated profession.

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