Dental care tips for your pup

Your local SPCA vet provides the complete health care services that help your pet to enjoy a lifetime of good health. Most people know that the spay and neuter cost is part of the package when you own a pet but there are other health care needs that are just as important.

One of the most neglected pet health care needs is dental care. Dental care is an absolute necessity for your pet and your vet is the perfect place to get that care. Taking care of your pet’s teeth is an important part of their overall health care.

Dental Care

Your pups teeth are at risk of decay much like your own teeth. About 70% of cats and around 80% of dogs have some sort of dental problem. When you visit your SPCA vet for a regular check-up they will check your pup’s teeth for any signs of decay that need to be addressed. You can help your pet to get a clean bill of dental health

Oral hygiene for dogs is typically not given the attention it deserves which can result in dental health problems and physical health problems caused by oral health issues. Your dog has no way to tell you that they have a toothache.

Being proactive with your dog’s dental health can help them avoid pain and suffering. Poor dental health has been linked to heart problems, liver problems, and kidney problems. Of course, it can also cause digestive health issues and unwanted behaviors.

Being Proactive

There are a few steps you can take to help to take care of your pup’s teeth. Daily brushing is strongly recommended, but it is not something that you will get your dog used to right away, the rule here is slow and steady wins the race. The best time to start out with brushing is when your pup is young, but if you did not, don’t worry you can still teach an old dog new tricks.

The key is consistency. Brush every day for as long as your dog will let you. If for example, on Tuesday they only are willing to sit for a half a mouth of tooth brushing, that is okay. Do the other half the next day.

The local vet clinic recommends brushing every day but if you can’t do it at least three times a week. On the days you just cannot get them to sit around for the brushing, use a soft rag to wipe off the teeth and gums.

Be sure you have the right tools for brushing. It is fine to use a human soft bristle toothbrush but never use human toothpaste. You can get one of them made for dogs (or cats) toothpaste that is safe for pets. Human toothpaste can be a health risk for pets.

Let Em Crunch Away

Rawhides and natural bones can help to keep your dog’s teeth healthy by scraping away the tartar from the teeth. Knucklebones are great for tartar control.

If You Suspect a Problem

If you notice swelling of the face, a strong odor or your pet seems to be pawing at their face, it may indicate a dental issue. Make an appointment as soon as possible at the SPCA vet.

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