BVSPCA rescues 5 dogs from cruelty & seizes remains of another

BVSPCA Rescues 5 Dogs from Cruelty & Seizes Remains of Another

Yesterday our Animal Protective Services officers seized five dogs and the remains of a sixth dog from a property in Yeadon Borough, Delaware County, based on a lead about poor living conditions. The surviving dogs include three adults and two juveniles.

The adults were found living outside. Two had their tether chain embedded in their neck, and one had ears that appear to be manually cropped. The juveniles, estimated to be four to five months old, were found in the basement. They are severely emaciated and have bloated bellies, a symptom of starvation and malnourishment. The deceased dog appears to be a juvenile.

The surviving dogs were transported to our West Chester Campus for medical care. The remains of the deceased dog were taken to the New Bolton Center in Kennett Square for a necropsy to determine a cause of death. The District Attorney is expected to file charges that will likely include improper tethering, lack of veterinary care, insufficient housing, a possible felony charge for the deceased dog, and a summary charge for cropped ears.

The living conditions for these dogs were appalling and unacceptable. Every dog deserves to be loved and cherished as a family member. We look forward to working with the DA to hold the owner accountable and ultimately helping these dogs get the loving homes they deserve.

We’re able to save dogs like these thanks to tips from the community. Report suspected neglect or cruelty in Delaware County or Chester County by calling our officers at 484-302-0018; tips can be made anonymously.  In the state of Delaware, report suspected neglect or cruelty to the Office of Animal Welfare at 302-255-4646.


About the Brandywine Valley SPCA

Founded in 1929, the Brandywine Valley SPCA is the first open admission no-kill shelter in Pennsylvania and Delaware. In 2018, the BVSPCA cared for more than 14,000 stray, owner-surrendered, wayward owned, and abused and neglected animals while achieving a 95% live release rate. The BVSPCA provides animal protective services for Chester County and much of Delaware County in Pennsylvania, and it holds a five-year contract with the Delaware Office of Animal Welfare to provide state-wide animal services for dogs. Animals are placed through three adoption centers: the West Chester Campus, the New Castle Campus, the Georgetown Campus. In addition, the BVSPCA provides families with safety net and low-cost veterinary services at its three clinic locations: the Malvern Animal Health Center, the New Castle Animal Health Center, and the Georgetown Animal Health Center. The BVSPCA also operates the Animal Rescue Center (ARC), a facility dedicated to helping animals with additional needs prior to being ready for adoption, such as cruelty cases, disaster victims, and infants.

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