BVSPCA Launches Program for Pets of Pallet Village Residents

GEORGETOWN, DE (MAY 10, 2023) – The Brandywine Valley SPCA (BVSPCA) unveiled a new partnership with The Springboard Collaborative today at Pallet Village in Georgetown. Pallet Village provides pet-friendly tiny homes for up to 50 people transitioning from homelessness. The BVSPCA is providing residents’ cats and dogs with free veterinary services, and Yarn & Bone is donating pet supplies.

The three organizations teamed up for the first free pet wellness day for residents. Dr. Sheri Wood, BVSPCA Medical Director, and BVSPCA veterinary technicians vaccinated nine cats and provided wellness exams. Residents received free pet supplies from Yarn & Bone, including food, litterboxes and litter, toys, leashes, and harnesses. On Monday, the BVSPCA performed the first free spay surgery for a resident’s cat.

“No one should be faced with turning the pet they love into a shelter simply for financial reasons,” said Adam Lamb, BVSPCA CEO. “And the challenging times in life are when we need the unconditional love and companionship of our pets most. We’re proud to play a small part in helping with The Springboard Collaborative’s innovative work to support people transitioning from unsheltered homelessness.”

 "One of the biggest barriers to those in the woods accepting shelter is partners, possessions, and pets,” said Trish Hill, Project Manager at The Springboard Collaborative Pallet Village. “Most shelters do not allow partners to stay together or pets to join them. With the help of the BVSPCA, not only can we provide safe shelter for our unsheltered neighbors but also have healthy sheltered pets. We are truly grateful to the contribution the BVSPCA is graciously providing to our community."

Debbie, a Pallet Village resident, underscored this need. "I wouldn't be here if I couldn't have kept my cats. It means a lot to have them here. The BVSPCA helped update their shots."

"I couldn't live without my cat,” added Jen, another Pallet Village resident. “We are working on papers to have him be my emotional support animal. The BVSPCA helped get him get his first shots, his ears cleaned, and soon he will be getting neutered. They have helped a lot."

Francyne, a Pallet Village resident with a momma cat who was the first cat to be spayed by the BVSPCA, shared their experience. "I was elated to have the kittens. They brought me joy. I'm glad to be able to keep Callie and give her a place to stay while I have a place to stay. I'm ecstatic that the BVSPCA was able to get the kittens into foster care so quickly."

Meeting the day-to-day needs of the pets is just as important. "I am grateful to Yarn and Bone for their donation of pet food and supplies because I just started working, so it helps me, and it helps him to get all the nutrition he needs to be healthy," Jen, another Pallet Village resident shared.

"We are grateful to Yarn & Bone for donating nutritious pet food and supplies to the animals living in the Springboard Pallet Village,” Hill said. “Our pets will now live happier, healthier lives. Donations like this have affirmed our faith in the generosity of our community. The Sussex County community cares for our neighbors and the pets who reside in the Pallet Village. There is no greater place to live."

The BVSPCA will provide free spay/neuter and wellness services as needed, and Yarn and Bone will continue to provide free pet supplies to residents. No dogs currently reside at Pallet Village, but they will be included in the program when that need arises.

This partnership adds to the services the Brandywine Valley SPCA offers pet families in need. The organization’s pet food pantry can be accessed anytime during open shelter hours (Tuesday-Friday 12-7pm), the BVSPCA Pet Resource Center provides free counseling on pet-related issues, and the BVSPCA Animal Health Centers offer low-cost veterinary care, as well as grants to assist families struggling with certain medical costs.

The BVSPCA relies on private donations and grants to support this community-based work. Donations can be made at:

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