CCSPCA reunites lost dog with owner

This is Bruno. He’s a bit of a Houdini and has learned how to unlatch the gate in his yard with his nose. He performed his famous disappearing act last week when he opened the gate to go  on an adventure. Someone found Bruno while he was out exploring and took him to a local police station in Delaware County. After the police were unable to find his family, they brought him to the CCSPCA.

Bruno’s owner, Mr. Daniels, looked all over for him. He called his local animal control provider and another local shelter, but no one knew anything about his dog. And while his owner was trying to track him down, Bruno was developing a Facebook following on a number of Lost & Found pages where concerned citizens were trying to help find his owner. There was one problem: Mr. Daniels is nearing his 74th birthday and doesn’t have a computer or access to the internet.

Not knowing where else to look, Mr. Daniels placed a classified ad in the Delaware County Daily Times for his missing dog. He hoped that someone may know something about Bruno’s whereabouts and would be checking the paper to see if anyone was looking for him. A reader noticed that the description and location in the ad matched that of the posts about Bruno being shared on Facebook and contacted the CCSPCA.

Mr. Daniels received calls from CCSPCA staff, as well as a woman who saw the dog while he was being held at the police station, after his ad was run in the newspaper. He found a ride to the shelter and was elated to finally reunite with Bruno after the dog had been missing for two days. Mr. Daniels told us that he had lost his good friend within the past year and now Bruno and his other dog are his family. His dogs are extremely important to him and he would have done anything to get Bruno back home.

A number of factors can make it both difficult and time consuming for owners to locate their missing pets, no matter how hard they’re trying to find them. Bruno’s story is a great example of why shelters have stray holds and the importance of raising public awareness about their purpose. The CCSPCA works tirelessly to find adoptive families for homeless animals, but our first and foremost goal is always to help them find their way back home.

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