Best options for outdoor play with your dog

About 85 million people have pets and many of them are dogs. Dogs need exercise to stay healthy. Finding the right exercise routine for your pet will benefit their health. Here are some great tips.

Take Your Dog Outside to Play

Take your dog outside for a walk in the neighborhood or a local park. You can get a dog’s leash and train your dog to walk with you. Walking one or two miles is good exercise for both of you. Playing in a safe outdoor area with no traffic is the safest way to give your dog exercise. This is a good place to take your pet for outdoor play.

Walking or running in the park or in the neighborhood is also a great option. You should walk your dog for about one hour daily for the most benefit.

Obedience Training for Exercise

The best way for you to help your pet exercise outdoors is to train them yourself or take a class. A class can teach your dog how to fetch a ball, sit when necessary, and lay down. When outdoors, this can keep them from running into the road or street. You can train them to fetch a ball and listen to your commands on the beach or in the park. There are yoga classes, agility classes, and even swim classes for super active dogs. Taking classes to train your dog and improve their health has many benefits.

Types of Outdoor Exercise for Dogs

There are many ways to exercise your dog outdoors. If you like to hike, most states have outdoor hiking trails to take your dog. Going to the beach or state park to swim is another way to exercise your pet. Some runners find running with their pets to be a good workout. This is not for all dogs, but some active dogs do well with this exercise. Before starting any exercise, check with your vet to learn more about what is right for your pet.

Practice Safety When Exercising Your Pet

Practice outdoor safety when you exercise your dog outdoors. Always walk them on a leash and do not leave them alone. Never leave them outdoors alone unless they are contained or leashed. Train them to learn simple commands to sit, lay, or fetch. Take frequent breaks for water and rest when starting a routine.

Taking the time to have outdoor playtime with your dog is important and beneficial to both of you. With these tips, you will have quality exercise and play. Remember to stay safe and have fun.

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