Autumn pet safety tips

As we enter fall, it’s important for pet parents to be aware of the unique dangers that this season can bring. If you want to keep your pet as safe as possible this fall, here are some tips that you need to keep in mind.

1. Don’t Keep your Pets Outdoors for Long

Although fall temperatures can be a welcome break from the heat of summer, they can dip down and be too cold for some small pet breeds, puppies, and senior animals. Always keep an eye on the temperature, and never leave your pet outside for too long.

2. Watch Out for Ticks

Even though summer is over doesn’t mean that tick season is. Just like fleas, which can live up to 100 days with a meal, ticks can be hard to spot, and they can transmit a variety of illnesses potentially compromising your healthy pet. Make sure to always thoroughly check your pet, especially if they have long fur, every time they come in from outside.

3. Grow Out Their Coats

During the summer it’s important to keep your pet’s hair pretty short to help keep them cooler. However, as the temperatures start to dip lower, you can start growing it out to provide more warmth during the winter. Just as you wouldn’t want to go out into the cold without a coat, your pet won’t want to either.

4. Be Careful With Holiday Treats

Between Halloween and Thanksgiving, there are a lot of treats that your healthy pet can potentially get into, some of which could be hazardous to them. Things like chocolate are particularly toxic to dogs, so you’ll want to make sure all of your Halloween candy is well put up.

5. Watch Out for Wildlife

As winter approaches many animals are getting ready to hunker down. One to look out for is snakes. As snakes prepare to hibernate, there is an increased possibility of a pet coming in contact with one. While not all are dangerous, if you live in an area with venomous varieties, it’s important to keep an eye out and not let your pet roam on its own.

Fall is a great season and a great break from the summer heat. However, it presents unique challenges to pet parents. In order to keep your healthy pet protected, keep these five tips so that your pet can be as safe as possible all season long.

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