7 reasons to support your local SPCA

Finding your next dog or cat at your local SPCA isn’t just fulfilling; it’s also incredibly responsible. Supporting the SPCA means you’re helping to find animals find new homes as well as supporting an SPCA vet clinic that keeps many animals safe and healthy until they find their forever homes. There are a number of great reasons to adopt from your local SPCA. Check them out below.

A Great Resource for Vet Services

When you adopt from your local shelter, you have access to veterinary services that can make all the difference in your animal’s life. A quarter of pet dogs in the United States have arthritis at some point in their life. It’s essential to know where you can get good medical support if arthritis or other issues affect your pet’s life.

Bring Joy to an Animal’s Life

Many dogs and cats in shelters just want to find a forever home. Whether they were abandoned or are working their way into feeling secure in a home, every animal deserves love and attention. By adopting from your local SPCA, you can help guarantee they get the chance.

You Save Money

Adopting from a local shelter is much, much cheaper than buying an animal. The cost of vet services is also significantly lower when you work with a local SPCA than with a private vet practice.

Stop Mass Breeding Operations

Puppy mills and other mass breeding operations aren’t healthy for the animals that they use and it’s up to pet owners to put a stop to these harmful practices. When you adopt, you give an animal a new home without supporting the terror of puppy mills and the like.

Help Prevent Pet Overpopulation

Adopting instead of going to a breeder also helps to keep pet populations low and manageable. Because dogs and cats can have many babies in one litter, if an animal just keeps breeding, there are sometimes more animals than anyone knows how to handle. Adopting gives home to an existing animal rather than bringing a new dog or cat into the world.

Give an Adult Animal a New Life

Everyone loves puppies and kittens but adult animals deserve love, too. Your local SPCA depends on compassionate adopters like you to give animals in the middle or twilight years of their life the loving home they deserve.

Lead By Example

Adopting is often something that can be cultivated in a community. When you adopt, you lead by example and encourage your neighbors to do the same. Ready to bring home your next beloved dog or cat? Give us a call today!

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