5 reasons you need to vaccinate your pet

Pets are beloved family additions to many American households. With rising debates about human vaccinations, most pet owners are now wondering if it is safe to vaccinate their dogs and cats. The short answer is: yes! Vaccines help prevent many illnesses, allowing your pup to live a long and healthy life. Here are five reasons why you should consider enrolling in a vet service vaccination program.

1. Prevent Serious Disease

Disease prevention is often the most common reason why veterinarians offer vaccines. The shot helps to prepare your pet’s immune system to fight disease-causing organisms. The vaccines contain antigens that resemble the disease-causing pathogens and mildly stimulate the immune system. If your pet is ever exposed to the real disease, the body’s immune defenses will respond faster and reduce the severity of the illness. Your vet service may draft a vaccination cycle program for you that allows your pet to build up immunity to certain diseases over time.

2. Comply with the Law

If the love for your pup doesn’t push you to get him the pet shots, maybe the law might. Dog vaccinations are required by law in all states. You may need to ensure that you remain compliant by organizing a vaccination schedule with your local veterinarian. There are core vaccines that your pet needs to have, depending on your geographical location. Speak with your local vet clinic to know more about the immunization required by law within your state.

3. Keep Other Pets Safe

Vaccinating your pet will not only keep your pet safe but also avoid transmitting infections to other animals that they meet. If you are planning to board your pet as you head for the vacation or drop them at the pet care center, you may need to present proof of current, up-to-date vaccination plans.

4. Keep You and Your Family Safe Too

Unless you immunize your pet, there is a high chance that they may infect you or your family with zoonotic diseases. Vaccinations can help protect your family from infections such as Rabies and Leptospirosis. It is necessary, especially for pets that spend too much time with children, patients with weakened diseases, or the elderly.

5. It Is a Cost-effective Option

Following the vaccine series provided at the vet service clinic may seem like an expensive undertaking. However, you may end up spending more if your pet ends up sick from a severe disease. You may have to pay for the medication, boarding expenses, sick exams, and vet costs. It can be painful to watch them suffer after contracting a disease that could prevent easily with a few shots.

Vaccinations are vital to boosting your pet’s immunity. You may need to find a trusted veterinary clinic to get your pet vaccinations. BV SPCA offers convenient vet services, showing care and loving attention throughout your pet’s life. Reach out to us to learn more about the benefits of vaccinating your dogs and cats.

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