4 reasons to choose a pet boarding service when you're out of town

More and more families consider their pets to be part of their family. While some Americans choose to leave their dog or cat at home when they travel, some families may choose to bring their pets with them on the road. However, sometimes you need to consider a boarding situation for the safety and happiness of your pet. Here are 4 reasons to seriously consider pet daycare if you like to bring your pet on vacation.

Let Your Pet Make New Friends

Dogs are pack bonding creatures. While some dogs may not love being around pets they don’t know, many dogs enjoy a dog boarding service because it lets them play with other dogs. If you value the happiness of your pet, you know how important it can be for dogs who love to socialize to get in some quality time with other dogs. A pet boarding service will make sure your dog gets the playtime it wants while also being safe.

Keep Your Belongings Safe

Nearly 85 million homeowners have a pet, according to The American Pet Products Association. When those pet owners go out of town, who keeps their dog or cat from tearing up furniture? You could hire a pet sitter, but local pet care is sometimes more convenient and more fun for your animal. Whether you choose a dog boarding service while you’re out of town or a pet daycare while you’re at work, you can keep your animal from getting into trouble at home with local pet boarding.

Reduce Worry and Stress

The last thing you want to be doing while on vacation is worrying about one of the most precious members of your family. Leaving your dog or cat at home by itself doesn’t just cause you to worry about your home – it adds more stress to your shoulders because you’re worried about their safety. Cat boarding services and dog daycare options keep you from stressing about what your pet is getting up to while you’re not around.

Don’t Travel Alone

If you love to travel with your pet but have to go somewhere they can’t follow, a dog boarding service or a similar pet daycare option lets you travel with your pet but also keep them entertained while you relax and explore. There’s no reason your dog or cat can’t enjoy a little vacation while you’re both away from home.

Choosing the right pet boarding services for your dog or cat can be a struggle. Your animal deserves to be pampered as much as you on your vacation. Book your reservation today to set up a relaxing, fun getaway for one of the most beloved members of your family.

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