12,911 lives saved in 2019

Together We Saved 12,911 Lives

The numbers are in, and together with you we saved 12,911 animals in 2019! That’s 39 animals coming through our doors each day.

Half of our incoming animals were lost or stray animals. As one of the only remaining open admission shelters in the region, these dogs and cats would have few options without us.

We’re also one of the only open admission shelters with a no-kill-level live release rate. In fact, in 2019, we increased our live release rate from 95% to 96%.

That increase comes in large part from our expanded behavior program. In 2019, we opened the Animal Rescue Center (ARC), instituted daily dog playgroups, built a real-life room in West Chester, and deepened our enrichment programs for both dogs and cats.

At our Animal Health Centers, 13,607 animals were spayed/neutered to prevent unwanted litters. That includes nearly 1,000 pets altered as part of our annual blitz program with $20 surgeries. As part of our low-cost vet services for families, 14,691 pet exams were completed. That’s a 30% increase! In addition, we continued to help families in need with a free rabies shot clinic and our bi-weekly pet food pantry at each campus.

  • Looking ahead, we will save even more lives and help more pet families this year by:

  • Opening our Dover Campus next month, giving us a brick-and-mortar full service shelter and clinic in each county in Delaware

  • Continuing to grow the impact of our Animal Rescue Center (ARC) for pets on the fringe of adoption

  • Implementing a cat behavior program across all campuses

  • Expanding lifesaving programs for local cats

  • Providing adopters with aPet Resource Center

We pulled Nunu from an overcrowded city shelter. Our behavior team worked with him, and after a 16-month wait, he got the family of his dreams.

Black Canary was one of 86 cats we pulled from a single home. Many were emaciated, flea-covered and peppered with open and healing wounds.

We helped more than 400 animals impacted by Hurricane Dorian, including 350 that arrived within just over 24 hours. Kelly and the other rescues now enjoy the love of a family.

We couldn’t do this hard work without our community. Thank you to our donors, volunteers and staff for being part of the BVSPCA family!

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