1110 truly Mega adoptions!

Every Number a Life Changed Forever

There’s nothing like Mega.  It’s a truly inspiring experience to see so many families rushing to the event to bring home animals that lost everything — unclaimed strays, victims of cruelty and neglect, animals at risk of euthanasia in other shelters, and pets that had to leave families for circumstances often out of their control.

We celebrate the 1,110 total because it reflects the contributions from so many – the adopters, our staff and volunteers, our sponsors Petco Foundation and BOBS from Sketchers, the thirteen other shelters and rescues participating, and you in the community who support our work. But every single number in that total is a life changed forever.

Mama: Over 1 Year in the Shelter

This sweet girl had the perfect name because of her love for kids, but for some reason we couldn’t figure out, she kept getting overlooked. A young gal who met Mama at Critter Camp sat by her kennel all morning at Mega hoping someone would see all she sees in this sweet dog. Then it happened. A kind person who had seen our social media posts for Mama came specifically for her. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

Ollie & Krispies: Rescued from Risk

We saw so many wee babies that we took in from other shelters where they were at risk meet adopters eager to give them a wonderful life. Like Ollie, who has become inseparable with his new BFF Sam, and Krispies who was deathly ill upon arrival at his local shelter and saved by the hard working folks who saved him so he could be the apple of this lovely couple’s eye.

Beethoven: Senior Chosen During First Adoptions

This family recently lost their St. Bernard and came to find a young small dog to fill the hole in their home and hearts. They came in the early arrival Fast Pass hour and chose 8-year old Beethoven over all of the puppies and small dogs because his sweet disposition was just perfect for them. His adoption resulted from another shelter joining us and reflects our commitment to using Mega to help all of the region’s homeless pets, not just those that come through our doors.

We Couldn’t Do This Without You

These are just a few of the more than one thousand reasons we work so hard to hold a Mega event twice a year. This is our sixth Mega, totaling 6,352 lives saved across those events. We do this hard work hand in hand with you who support our work by donating, volunteering and sharing news of our pets and events. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping these pets find the love they deserve!

We’re fortunate to have support from Petco Foundation and BOBS from Sketchers, but it doesn’t come close to covering the cost of saving all these lives. Please donate today to help support


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