6 Easy Ways to Help Stop Animal Cruelty
6 Easy Ways to Help Stop Animal Cruelty

6 Easy Ways to Help Stop Animal Cruelty

The U.S. has over 75 million pet dogs making it the country with the highest number of pet dogs. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) receives over 50,000 reports of animal cruelty.

In the U.S. alone, over 10 million animals die from abuse. That’s heartbreaking. Here are six things you can do as a person who has a soft spot for pets to stop animal cruelty.

Adopt a Pet

Over 100,000 animals are rescued by the RSPCA annually. About 30% of the rescued animals are put down because it is impossible to home them. Numbers don’t lie. There are so many animals that are available for adoption.

Therefore, if you want to contribute toward ending animal cruelty, adopting a pet is a great way to start. Adopting pets will further stop some of the breeders from attacking strangers. Several dog breeding facilities are operated under poor conditions that do not meet the required behavioral, physiological, and social dog needs.

Visit your local SPCA today and begin your journey in stopping animal cruelty by a simple step of adopting a dog.

Proper Care for Your Pet

As a pet owner, you must take care of your cat or dog. Research shows that a lot of pets suffer from lack of exercise, inadequate care, and neglect. Know what your pet needs and provide it before it is too late.

Your pet needs regular checkups to stay healthy. Ensure that you take your pet to a veterinary clinic for vaccines. The vet also gets to examine your pet to ensure that it is growing well without signs of illness.

Donate to Rescue Groups

Find out what your local SPCA needs and donate. You could donate toys, food, or blankets. You may not be in a position to own a pet, but by simply donating, the pets feel the love.

Other than donating, you can volunteer at your local SPCA to walk the pets, wash, groom the animals, or clean the shelters.

Teach Compassion for Animals to Kids

Psychologists report that many kids who are cruel to animals grow up to be cruel to fellow humans. As an adult, it is your responsibility to teach children to treat animals with respect and kindness. A great way to do this is to be a role model. If you are kind to pets, your kids are most likely to follow suit.

As part of community service and a great way to instill the virtue of kindness in your kids, you can volunteer at your local SPCA. If you own a pet, taking your child for veterinary hospital visits is a great way to show the importance of caring for animals.

Purchase Humane Animal Products

If you eat meat, it is important to try and buy organic and meat free-range. It is not always possible but you can try. The meat industry can be very cruel especially when it comes to high turnover for inexpensive meat.

Any time you eat out, it would help to ask where it’s from and if a place does not get its meat humanely, stop going there. The RSPCA has a list of brands that are offering cruelty-free eggs. If you eat dairy, it would help save animals if you checked it out.

Stop Littering and Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

Plastic is harmful to the environment, especially wildlife. Reducing your plastic consumption will go a long way in protecting animals.

Any time you litter, you increase the chances of an animal accidentally eating the litter. Avoid littering. If you see someone litter, gently remind them that what they are doing is harmful to animals and the environment at large.

Final Word

There are a lot of things you can do to protect animals. You don’t have to own a pet to take part in this noble cause. If you are looking to adopt, donate, or volunteer at a local SPCA, contact us today.